Custom tailored consulting and coaching that has saved me a fortune.  It’s great to have a group that understands the industry and market dynamics intimately while bringing real world solutions to my brokerage.  Pragmatic coaching for implementation that is focused on my bottom line.

Wayne Jackson, Broker/Owner

Meet Berman & Pollinger

A consulting firm exclusive to luxury teams and brokerages.

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Decisive – Elite – Resourceful
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A little about what makes us unlike anyone else.

We’ve gone to the other side of luxury, past success and into significance.

We are the top of the top with all things in luxury real estate. We know the ins and outs of luxury businesses and developments.

We thrive on organizing chaos, and operate in an international echelon that knows no borders. We are connectors, strategists, consultants, managers, number-crunchers, and operators—all wrapped up in a dynamic duo.

Together, we’re an unstoppable force.

A little about our backgrounds.

We both have clout in the luxury real estate world, working with some of the most influential names in the industry and beyond.

We do it all, without exaggeration. From restructuring teams to working with the world’s most prestigious luxury resorts, we have the grit and wherewithal to make anything happen for our clients.

We both love what we do and it shows. We are driven by passion, possibilities, and problem solving.

Three words that best describes us.


We’re not the type to repeat a formula because it’s worked in the past. We approach new challenges with fresh eyes and quick minds. People appreciate working with us because we look at real estate as a business.


Both professionally and personally, you two push through. Life might knock you or your clients down, but it doesn’t stop you—it fuels you.


We understand a world that few can touch. True luxury is an international business with a small pool of players across the globe.

Jennifer Berman

The Connector with Grit.

Jennifer Berman is the doer. She’s the one who is charismatic, connected, and recognized. She’s in demand because she’s earned it — and she understand the world of luxury real estate better than anyone else.

She is a recognized luxury real estate authority. She’s connector with grit. She’s a visionary who specializes in connecting the dots.

“Jennifer is the connections person. Her book of business has the who’s who in the world.”

Chris Pollinger

The Genius with Heart.

Chris Pollinger is the driver.  He’s brilliant, empowering, and efficient. He’s a problem solver who’s motivated by driving profitability through unique solutions.

He is a luxury real estate mastermind with proven results. He’s the business world’s MacGyver.  He creates opportunities for people and companies.

“Chris is the driver. He specializes in execution, getting things done, driving profitability, structuring deals, and putting things together.”

A few kind words

Testimonials from some of our happy clients.

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