Building luxury teams and brokerages that drive bottom line profit.

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Who we work with.

Luxury agents and brokers who want guidance on the next level. For people who are in a leadership capacity who want to build a successful and profitable team or brokerage. We work with businesses generating $25 million to $14 billion in annual volume.

Who does Jennifer have a special place in her heart for?

People (particularly women) who want to dominate the business of luxury. They don’t need to work in real estate, but need to appreciate the finer things in life and—most importantly—how to hustle for it. These are business-minded people who appreciate her candidness, perspective, and want to know how they can transend success and touch significance.

Who does Chris like to spend time with?

Business people who appreciate profit. They want the lesson and insight on problem solving to make money. These are people who gobble up anything about efficiency, formulas, and calculations. They don’t like theoretical approaches—they like tangible examples.

What we offer.

– Coaching programs
– Media appearances
– Courses
– Consulting